Karishma Tanna nails snatch exercises despite cartilage damage in both knees


Flinging weight from the ground all the way overhead in one fluid motion is called the snatch which can be done with a barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell and television hottie Karishma Tanna was seen acing this weightlifting exercise variation as she raised the bar of fitness goals despite suffering from cartilage rupture in both knees. With constant rehab exercises and muscle strengthening workout, the Sanju actor championed power and that is all the fitness motivation we need to get up and hit the gym this Thursday.

Taking to her social media handle, Karishma shared a video which gave fans a glimpse of her robust workout session. Donning a black spaghetti top, teamed with a pair of camouflage tights and a pair of grey sneakers, Karishma pulled back her hair into a high ponytail to nail the athleisure look.

The video opened to the diva squatting while holding a dumbbell in one hand, the other hand making a fist and lifting it from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. She then repeated the same exercise with the dumbbell held in the other hand.

This was followed by Karishma performing snatch exercise with a barbell. She shared in the caption, “Trying to achieve something Wch is very difficult for me as I have cartilage rupture in both my knees . But with constant rehab exercises and muscle strengthening I am improving . Breaking the exercise down and it’s called #snatch #slowandsteady #onedayatatime #gym (sic).”


As a full-body exercise, dumbbell snatch targets the practitioner’s glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in lower body, back, shoulders and triceps in upper body and the core, all in one single move. It improves the strength, function and coordination of the posterior chain, develop speed and power with the clean and jerk and helps one in attaining the posture of a military soldier with a straight back, shoulders retracted, tight core and immensely better back health.

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