Kajol’s hilarious dig on Yoga’s Shavasana is basically all of us on a Monday


While Bollywood celebrities are sweating it out under the sun or pushing fans towards nailing some complex Yoga moves under the roof, Kajol opted to jump the bandwagon this World Yoga Day 2021 but not with humour. Setting fans relating with her Monday energy to grind, Kajol took a hilarious dig on Shavasana or Yoga’s corpse pose this International Day of Yoga 2021 and we can’t help but double down with laughter.

Taking to her social media handle, Kajol shared a picture featuring her no-makeup look as she drifted into sleep comfortable slumber which is all we yearn on a Monday morning. “Yoga, you had me at Shavasana. Happy #InternationalDayOfYoga (sic),” Kajol wittingly wrote in the caption and fans were in fits.

Method to nail Shavasana or Yoga’s corpse pose:

Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms relaxed at your sides. Gently close your eyes while keeping your feet a comfortable distance apart in a natural position and keep your arms straight along the body but away from the torso while resting your palms facing up.

Breathe naturally, allow your body to feel heavy on the ground and focus all your attention on your toes. Then shift your attention and begin to release each part of your body, organ and cell, consciously working from the toes up to the top of your head. Bring your mind gently back to your body if it wanders.

Be sure that you do not fall asleep and relax your face, feeling your eyes drop into your sockets and the softening of your jaw. Draw your attention to the sounds around you and try to find the most distant one until you find the sound closest to you.

When you feel relaxed, exit the pose by gently bringing your awareness back to your body and wriggle your fingers and toes while still keeping your eyes closed. Draw your knees in and slowly roll over to one side in sukhasana pose. Rest there for a moment in a comfortable seated position and open your eyes gently while slowly turning your attention outwards.

Benefits of Shavasana:

Shavasana along with deep breathing relaxes the nervous system more than any other Yoga asana and this instantly brings down the body temperature. It relieves stress, repairs cells, relaxes the body and helps self-healing without pills for pregnant women.

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