Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel’s Pizza Bake-Off Will Leave You In Splits


When comedian and Late-Night talk show host Jimmy Fallon tried baking pizza after watching Stanley Tucci’s latest show, little did he know that his baking skills would pique interest of another popular comedian and host Jimmy Kimmel. What followed was a fun ‘pizza bake-off’. On TV, Fallon and Kimmel are considered competitors, but off-screen their camaraderie has been incredibly popular, especially among fans who love them both equally.

Jimmy Fallon posted an IGTV video after getting inspired by an episode ‘Searching For Italy’ where Stanley Tucci goes to Naples. He starts off by talking about pizza maker, which makes him switch on his exhaust fan shortly after. He then lists down the ingredients; dough, tomatoes, pecorino cheese, salt, basil and mozzarella. With much help, he is able to roll out an (almost) round base from the dough. The former SNL cast member then adds a dash of tomatoes, mozzarella, shredded pecorino cheese, olive oil and basil leaves on his bread and puts it in his pizza maker and goes on to make “the best ever” pizza. Watch the video here.

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Jimmy Fallon’s pizza surely looked like a delight, but it wasn’t enough to impress Jimmy Kimmel, who took to his IGTV to flaunt his pizza-making skills.

“Hey Jimmy, it’s Jimmy.  I saw your pizza making video on Instagram and it was very cute, you are very cute. I heard you describe the pizza that you made as the best pizza ever and I didn’t have it, but I am going to disagree with that”, he said in his video pointing out a few “mistakes” committed by Jimmy Fallon. First, Kimmel didn’t approve of Fallon’s “outrageous” use of rolling pin, as it apparently takes the air out of the dough. Jimmy Kimmel further showed how you stretch the pizza dough for a perfect base. He then spreads the canned tomatoes on his base, followed by shredded parmesan (unlike Fallon who used pecorino cheese). Fresh mozzarella goes in next, followed by olive oil. He then puts his pizza in a pizza oven while taking a dig on Fallon’s “little waffle-maker” where he made his pizza. Watch the video here. 

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Jimmy Kimmel also urged his fans to vote for the best pizza and make charity of 5 dollars to a reputed kid’s organization. 

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