Janhvi Kapoor Finds This Japanese Food ‘Yummy’ And We Are Craving For It Now



  • Janhvi Kapoor keeps posting foodie pictures on Instagram.
  • In her latest Instagram story, she is enjoying a popular Japanese dish.
  • See what it is and tell us if you love this food too.

Italian and Chinese food made inroads into our country and our hearts, a long time back, and that’s why we are so familiar with the likes of noodles, pizza and pasta. Just recently, Japanese cuisine has also caught the fancy of many Indians, and the credit for riveting our attention towards it can be given to sushi. Sushi is now readily available in many restaurants and cafes around us; in fact, people have even started making it at home. The tiny, dumpling-like rice roll snack is so delicious that even Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor finds it yummy.

Janhvi Kapor often shares her love for food on her Instagram account. She has been seen relishing a cheesy bowl of pasta on one instance and gorging on French fries on another. She even pleases her sweet tooth with chocolate ice-cream for breakfast or making a cake at home by herself. Once, she even shared a picture of a typical north Indian fare comprising saag, meat, naan and oodles of butter, which she unabashedly indulged in. The foodie in us is always happy to see her enjoying some guilt-ridden foods. In her latest Instagram story, Janhvi can be seen noshing on a plate of sushi.

Take a look –

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The Japanese-special sushi is paired with the regular soya sauce, some pungent and spicy wasabi and ginger slices. We can’t make out what sushi variety it is, but the way Janhvi is grinning while chomping it down with her chopsticks is making us crave for the delicacy too.

We are definitely ordering some sushi to whet our cravings! Do you want to try it too? Here are some tips to keep in mind before ordering sushi for the first time.


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