Ishaan Khatter’s Calisthenics workout video inspires us to ‘rise and grind’


While we hang up our boots and scroll down the abyss of Instagram feeds, Ishaan Khatter is busy crawling up and down a hilly slope in bare torso and those chiseled muscles of his have inspired us to “rise and grind” this Sunday. From rock climbing to hanging upside down on a tree branch and nailing inverted sit-ups to pull-ups on gymnastic rings, Ishaan’s Calisthenics workout in an exotic hilly location will make your jaws drop in awe, just like Siddhant Chaturvedi, Anand Ahuja and Mrunal Thakur or leave you in tears like Anil Kapoor and his latest fitness video is proof.

Taking to his social media handle a couple of minutes back, Ishaan shared a video that gave fans a glimpse of his robust workout routine. Donning only a pair of black shorts teamed with a cap and a pair of sneakers, Ishaan was featured in the video while attempting to crawl up and down the slope of a grassy hill on all fours before hanging upside down on a tree branch and nailing effortless sit-ups.

The video moves on to the next clip that shows the face-mask wearing actor do a full scorpion crawl and then rock climbing later with a safety harness wrapped around his waist. Hanging from gymnastic rings tied on a tree branch, Ishaan is then seen pulling up his full body weight on them followed by simple pull-ups by hanging on the tree branch.

Standing on one foot with the other extended before him, Ishaan held the toes of his leg in the air with one hand and attempted one-legged squats. The video goes on to show him jumping from an elevation to a flight of stairs and then performing Bulgarian Split Squats.

Ishaan captioned the video, “Playtime but I ain’t playin’ (sic)” and Siddhant was quick to gush, “Wow”. Anand too showed appreciation for the “ring muscle ups! (sic)” to which Ishaan added, “ best piece of equipment to have (sic).” Evidently in awe, Mrunal commented, “Dam” and punctuated it with a fire emoji.

Reacting hilariously on the video, Anil Kapoor commented, “Bas kar beta rulayega (Enough son, will make me cry)” and added a teary-eyed emoji to which Ishaan humbly replied, “haha meri yeh jurrat? Rona dhona aapke saath ho hi nahi sakta (haha my audacity? Crying sessions are not possible in your company) only inspiration and laughs” sic.

Siddhant Chaturvedi, Anil Kapoor, Anand Ahuja and Mrunal Thakur’s comments on Ishaan Khatter’s video(Instagram/ishaankhatter)


Exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight and are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm are called Calisthenics which build serious strength, improve your brain-body connection, help you lose weight and body fat, reduces injury risk, improves mobility and ease of movement and ensures better long-term health. Push-ups, squats, planks, and jumping exercises are some of the best example calisthenics workouts for beginners.

Beneficial for building upper body strength, push-ups work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders and strengthen the lower back and the core. It burns fat, improves cardiovascular health and betters support around the shoulder joints.

Squats help avoid injury by firing up smaller muscles to balance the body. It also increase stability by improving imbalances, builds lower body strength, tones the legs and glutes and strengthens the core muscles.

As for planks, they are one of the best calorie burning exercises. Apart giving one an improved posture, flexibility and a tighter tummy, planks also strengthen the back, chest, shoulders, neck and abs.

Pullups exercise is a very beneficial workout to strengthen the muscles in the back, shoulder and arms while improving grip strength, overall body strength and fitness level. All the upper body muscles including the lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms and triceps are brought into action when one lifts their whole body from the floor by hanging on a bar.

It is ideal for physical and mental health as it challenges your muscles. Though pullups are very efficient exercise routine, they are not recommended for beginner fitness levels. They are a great way to strengthen your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, lats, shoulders and your core.

Gymnastic rings are one of the most effective body weight training tools for fitness enthusiasts looking to develop a strong and muscular upper body. While they also allow one to do pull ups, dips, pushups and various other exercises, intense core and shoulder strength too can be achieved easily by setting the rings higher.

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