Is stress holding you back? Here are easy tips to fight back


Many of us are leading stressful lives, especially in pandemic times when things can get unpredictable at times. We may feel lonely, isolated, overburdened, trapped, and that adds to the stress build-up. Many people who struggle with chronic stress are further at a risk of getting several health troubles from cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure to diabetes.

While stress is something which one cannot avoid, how we deal with it makes all the difference. Experts say stressful situation will keep coming and going, but one needs to develop resilience that can go a long way in minimising the impact of stress. Eating right, spending time with your family, pursuing a hobby, exercising, getting adequate sleep can help us deal with stress effectively.

To deal with stress, nutritionist Pooja Makhija shares a mental health mantra by Sister Shivani, a teacher in the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement in India for the benefit of everyone in her recent video on Instagram.

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“Stress slowing you down? Well, I was given this magical hack by sister Shivani which I thought I’d share with you all for you to benefit. She explained that when we say we have so much stress in life say for example not enough money or a poor body image or an ailing loved one, it is not stress. That is what is the pressure that life is throwing at us,” she said.

Makhija added that stress can be beaten by resilience which can be developed by following a set of healthy habits.

“Stress is equal to ‘pressure over resilience’. Resilience is the strength by which you fight back this pressure, and the stronger the resilience you have, the lesser the pressure. So automatically, the stronger the resilience, lesser the stress,” says Makhija.

She also explains how eating healthy, sleeping well and doing regular exercise can help us build resilience, an anti-dote to stress.

“Of course, having stronger resilience depends upon how well you eat, how healthy is your gut health, therefore how healthy is your mind, how much importance you give to good eating habits, sleep as well as exercise,” says the nutritionist.

How much stress you want to take is ultimately up to you. While stressful situations are not necessarily in our control, drawing a line where you feel things are get unmanageable is up to you!

“So you can give your body all the strength and the resilience to fight back at whatever life has to throw at you. So life can only give you pressure, how much of it you let it stress you it’s up to you,” concludes Makhija.

So, are you ready to beat stress with resilience?

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