Is Mumbai’s Street Food The Best In India? Twitter Users Debate


The street food of India has a special place in our hearts; the flavors are distinct and leave you wanting more. Every state has a different platter to offer and there are no two dishes that taste the same – we truly thrive in variety when it comes to our food. There is no doubt that Indian street food is scrumptious and irresistible, but have you ever wondered if there could be one place that could give you the best street food experience in the country? Recently, a Twitter user sparked a discussion regarding the same, and people did not hold back from sharing their reviews and opinions about the same. Look at the tweet here:

‘Mumbai Street food is best In India, Do you agree??’ asked Twitter user @niki_naughty and within a short span of time, the tweet received 800+ comments and 1.4 likes and almost 300 retweets.

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Twitter users from Mumbai and all over the country took the opportunity to take sides. Some explained that Mumbai food was reasonable and that no one would go hungry, while some expressed their love for Mumbai street food and how they are missing those fiery snacks in the monsoons –

Some just laughed it off saying that the Twitter user was ignorant and must not have tried other states’ street food.

The most interesting were the people who lived in Mumbai but still vouched for other cities, sighting their far wonderful experiences out of their own state.

And one Twitter user rightfully explained that this is a discussion that could go on forever, it has a lot to do with the emotions related to the food, as it has to do with the flavors or taste.

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What are your views on these comments, and do you think your state could give Mumbai’s street food a tough competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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