Is Baking On Your Mind? Try Making This Buttercream Icing To Amp Up Your Cakes


Has the lockdown turned you into a chef? We are sure that you must have tried your hands on all kinds of cuisines and desserts while being at home. After all, we have missed eating from our favourite restaurants, cafes and even street vendors. So covering up the lack of those delights, we all have gone through numerous YouTube videos to make yummy restaurant like food. And if you have tried baking, we are sure that you know the importance of adding the right measurements and ingredients. Baking sometimes can be tedious, and if you miss a step, then your dish might not turn out to be the way you wanted it to. But if you are slowly getting the hang of baking, we are here to take you on the next step as we bring a super easy recipe of making icing.

While we were searching for easy baking recipes for you to try on the weekend, we came across food vlogger ‘Cook With Parul’ who had the perfect solution of making an icing, that too with only three ingredients!

Make this easy recipe of buttercream icing

You can use this on your cakes, cupcakes, pastries or any dessert. It will be smooth in texture, sweet in taste and easy to make.

How To Make Buttercream Icing | Buttercream Icing Recipe

To make this recipe, you only need unsalted butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence. First, take the unsalted butter and make sure that it is soft. Then beat the softened butter and blend it with a hand mixer, so a smooth consistency is formed. Then add the icing sugar in batches and fold and whisk it with the butter. Lastly, now you need to add two-three drops of vanilla essence and mix again.

If the consistency looks hard, then add two tablespoons of milk and whisk. Now all you need to do is, decorate your cakes and pastries with this buttercream icing and enjoy with your family!

Watch the full video of buttercream icing here:

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