Internet Users Help Find A Solution To Lucky Ali’s Lychee Troubles


Summer is the perfect time of the year to binge on your favourite fruits. But always make sure you wash them well and preferably, cut them into pieces before you bite into them. This will prevent you from ingesting any small worms or insects that may have found their way into the fruit. This is exactly what singer Lucky Ali discovered when he cut into a lychee. The incident caused Ali to wonder why worms that were so prevalent in lychees, did not make an appearance in ice apples, another summer favourite. Soon, Ali decided to share his predicament with his followers on social media.

On Facebook, the ‘O Sanam’ singer wrote, “Dear everyone…just wanted to ask you why is it that sometimes when you’re peeling a lychee you’ll see a small white worm come out, and why does the same thing not happen when you peel an ice apple.. I mean a tadgola?” Take a look:

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The singer’s query led to an interesting conversation among his followers in the comments section. One user, Shilpa Bhatte, explained that ice apples being consumed immediately after it was procured could be the reason behind the lack of worm infestation. She said, ” Ice apples are highly perishable and usually consumed on the same day (as they are sold the same day). Hence lowers the chance of infestation.”

A follower felt that it had a lot to do with the difference in the structure of the two fruits. The user, Vishakha Mukundan, commented, “I think it is easy for the worm to enter lychee than to enter tadgola because of the hard blackish-brown outer cover, which is similar to tender coconut which we break open to get 2 or 3 pieces of soft wobbly edible portion.”

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Another user, who identified himself as Saqib Shariff said that worm infestation was a regular occurrence in many fruits. Offering a solution, he said, “Sir, it’s the same with strawberries, Take a glass of water and add some salt to it, once the salt dissolves, put strawberries or lychee in and leave it for 15 mins. You’ll see tiny white worms emerging from the fruit. Later wash the fruit with water and consume it.”

Well, Lucky Ali seems to have received the solution to his predicament. The rest of us, meanwhile, have also gotten a reminder to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.

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