International Day of Yoga: Vidya Malavade reveals how yoga pulled her out of a dark phase in life


Vidya Malavade doesn’t just call yoga important, she calls it her “life saver”. The actor reveals that a certain tragedy in her life led her to his path.

“At that stage a decade ago, I felt completely destroyed from within. There was literally no hope. That’s when yoga found me, and my life completely changed from thereon,” she confesses.

The 48-year-old, who has been a part of films such as Chak De! India (2007) and 1920: Evil Returns (2012), further adds that yoga has become even more essential in the current times when the world is battling a health crisis.

“These days, people are going through a lot of emotional stress. There’s a lot of anxiety, I know how these anxiety attacks come, I’ve been through all that. Because I’ve been through this at a younger age, I can look at everything around, and probably say yoga saved my life. It has the capability of saving everyone’s life, if you’re willing to give it a little time, discipline and consistency,” says Malavade, asserting that nothing in life is possible without these three things.

All of her friends and fans call her a ‘yogini’. She laughs and says, “The good thing is Instagram made that part of me famous. Five years ago, people didn’t know I practice yoga, but it’s been a decade now. People are aware, and I’m grateful that they message me and say they’re doing yoga because they started following me, and maybe changed their life, too.”

Malavade is glad that she could touch a lot of lives through her practice of this ancient form of exercise. “I remember when I was posting those yoga pictures, I was thinking if I could even inspire one person to take this up as a practice, my job would be done. Now, I see so many people even coming up to me on streets and saying ‘we follow you’. I feel maybe that’s the task,” she muses.

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