Interesting Reddit Thread Curates Local Foods Considered As Delicacies


Every country has some foods that people like. Still, the importance of these items keeps decreasing over time, possibly due to easy access. To recall those items, a Reddit user has started an interesting discussion, asking others to name the common food items in their countries that are considered delicacies by foreigners. Since being posted, it has seen spectacular success with almost 20,000 comments. People from various countries, including Mexico and Finland, commented on the thread about what they believed was a regular food in their country but appealed to foreigners. The discussion has been upvoted 93 per cent.

“Avocados here in Mexico, pretty common and cheap,” said a user, wandering_spaceman. 

“Yep, my wife’s from Mexico and every time we go to the grocery store here in the US she comments on how ridiculously expensive avocados (are) here,” responded another, with the username CoopsCoffeeAndDonuts.

Avocados are one of the most nutritious fruits with some 20 minerals and vitamins. In India, they are called the ‘Makkhan fal’.

Some others said foreigners visiting their country treat mushrooms as a delicacy. “I would add mushrooms for Finland,” said Resumme.

Mushrooms, which contain protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, can be eaten in various ways. Click here for some of them. Also, they are used in some traditional medicine systems.

Here are some Indian food items that foreigners said they found interesting:

1. Gol Gappa

Also known as puchka and pani puri, this snack is prepared by putting in a spicy stuffing inside a rounded puri made up of atta or suji. This is then dipped in tangy tamarind water and then savoured.

2. Aloo Paratha

One of the most Indian dishes in taste and context, it’s made by stuffing soft dough with mashed potatoes and a few spices. High in butter content, it can be served with chutneys or raita. Check out here.

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Aloo Paratha is a much-loved delicacy which is a local food in India.

3. Chhole Bhature

Again a crispy, rounded delight like gol gappas but a lot bigger in size. A typical Punjabi dish, it is rich in spices. Bhaturas are deep-fried breads of flour and served with chole (chickpeas).

4. Palak Paneer

A nourishing desi spinach-paneer combo. It can be served with chapatis, parathas and boiled rice. Given the use of spinach, it is fibrous and healthy.

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