Industrialist Harsh Goenka Uses Fruits To Explain An Important Lesson


Social media is a powerful tool, and the recent Coronavirus pandemic has proved that. We have seen people and communities coming together to help the families in need of resources. Patients are putting out appeals and requests, which are being amplified with the help of social media. However, it can also be a double-edged sword as it has multiple disadvantages to it as well. Industrialist Harsh Goenka took to Twitter to explain an important lesson about social media with the help of apples and oranges. Take a look at the tweet he shared:

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Harsh Goenka is the chairman and CEO of RPG Group, and enjoys a huge fan following of 1.6 million. He regularly shares relatable and hones posts on his Twitter handle.

The tweet by Harsh Goenka received over 6.6k likes and 1.8k retweets. “Let’s be honest…” wrote Harsh Goenka in this particular tweet. There were two pictures as part of the post. One showed an apple which when seen in the mirror looks perfect, but actually is bitten from the other half. Similarly, the orange too is also peeled from the opposite side. “Online isn’t real. Social media is lying to you,” read the text with the fruits.

Twitter users agreed with the important message about social media. Several found the way of explaining quite interesting, while others called it a necessary evil. Take a look at some of the reactions:

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