Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make South Indian Rajma Rice In 15 Minutes (Recipe Inside)


Here we have a simple recipe of south Indian rajma rice that is perfect for your next meal.


  • South Indian cuisine has countless rice delicacies
  • South Indian rice dishes are not just quick and easy but also comforting
  • Here is a southern-style rajma rice that is irresistibly delicious

Talk about comfort food and Indian rice delicacies would top the list. From dal bhaat to khichdi and even to a simple bowl of curd rice, there are options galore! South Indian cuisine is, in fact, packed with rice delicacies which spells the perfect balance of taste and comfort. Rice plays a very important role in most of the regional cuisines of Southern India. Ranging from fragrant biryanis to zesty tomato rice or even rich desserts, rice is an essential part of the south Indian meals. While there is no doubt that biryani always have our heart but there’s something about a simple bowl of rajma rice that we just cannot say no to. Here we have a simple recipe of south Indian rajma rice that is perfect for your next meal and can also work well as a side at dinner parties, cooked in just 15 minutes!

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How To Make South Indian Rajma Rice | South Indian Rajma Rice

Yes, this rice recipe takes just about 15 minutes. No kidding! And it is perfect for get-togethers at home and also for your comfort meal for lazy lunch or dinner meals! This dish is bursting with flavours of crunchy red peppers, capsicum along with tomatoes and chillies that are tossed with the goodness of kidney beans and rice. The extensive use of spices and herbs including thyme, paprika, peppercorns and mustard seeds along with a garnishing of coconut flakes lends an aromatic southern flavour that is hard to resist!


Find the full recipe of south Indian rajma rice here.

Try this quick, easy and delicious south Indian rice recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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