Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Moong Dal Badi At Home (Recipe Inside)


You can store these badis in an airtight jar.


  • Moong dal is a versatile lentil
  • Mangauri or moong dal badi is a quick and easy snack
  • Here’s how you can make it at home to use in multiple Indian dishes

Moong dal is one lentil in the Indian cuisine that is not just rich in nutrients but is also super versatile. It can be used to make a number of delicacies. From comforting dal, crunchy pakodas to decadent halwa, one can find countless delicacies made with moong dal across Indian cuisine. A primary source of protein for vegetarians, moong dal never fails to surprise us with the room it has for innovation. Not just Indian, moong dal has found a place in global delicacies too! Talk of soups, fudge and much more!

And if you wish to experiment with the humble lentil for main course itself, there are so many options beyond just dal. For instance, have you heard of Mangauri? The soft and nutritious, two-ingredient moong dal badi can be prepared to use across curries and chaats. It is a simple recipe, which might require patience and precision, but can be used to prepare multiple snacks and curries.

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Moong dal is used across various dishes.


How To Make Moong Dal Badi | Mangauri Recipe

In this simple recipe, soaked moong dal is grounded and rested. It is then soaked in heeng water, beaten till a fluffy batter. The batter is then spread over a cotton cloth, in the size of a droplet and sundried until the badi comes out clean from both sides.

Find the full recipe here.


You can store these badis in an airtight jar and use across many vegetable curries. In this same recipe, you can add salt, aamchur, red chillies among other spices if you wish to make a chaat with these moong dal badis. One of the most popular recipes made from moong dal badis is that of Mangauri aloo.

Try making moong dal badis at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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