Hyderabad Food Bloggers Start A Kitchen Collaboration To Give Free Food to Food Delivery Executives Amid Lockdown


Since the pandemic began, we all have seen and gone through some pretty rough times. While there were some moments of happiness, it was followed by bad news in one way or another. In these times of uncertainty, where many of us have lost jobs, had to leave education, and might be struggling financially – there have been certain exemplary individuals who have come forward for humanitarian initiatives. As the individuals and NGO’s step forward to help people, their efforts gave people new hope. In these crises, another such organisation to come forward is Hyderabad’s home-based kitchen called Inti Bhojanam, which means home food.

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Inti Bhojanam started with food blogger Ravi Tej when he saw the problems being faced by food delivery executives working during the lockdown. Since Ravi Tej was able to identify the problem, he aimed to provide free home-cooked meals to food delivery executives working during the lockdown.

Lunch in a tiffin box.

Ravi mentioned to ANI that they face a lot of problems since they start working at 6 AM till late at night.

“These delivery executives only eat before starting from their homes and after reaching their homes at nights, after their duty is done for the day. In between, due to the lockdown, they would not find any food to eat, and even though they find food at some restaurants from where they picked up the order, it would be too costly for them” Ravi told ANI.

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He also added that “The food delivery executives who are risking lives during a serious Covid-19 pandemic and making sure that the food that has been ordered is delivered on time during the lockdown are unable to feed themselves.”

The founder of Sri Inti Bhojanam home kitchen, Sri Krishna, told ANI that they had offered free food packets with several dishes made up of rice to around 60-80 food delivery executives.

This initiative has gained praises from many. Some people have also come forward to give donations, but Sri Krishna told ANI that they are not taking any donations. Instead, they are paying from their own pocket.

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