Hungry Or Not? Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Has An Easy Hack To Tell


This hack will help you understand your hunger.

Hunger is a feeling which can often confuse us. Experts say that many of us mistake thirst for hunger. Many of us also indulge in ’emotional eating’, which means reaching out for food as a means of comfort during periods of stress or even to reward ourselves. Thus, every time we feel hungry does not translate into our body actually being hungry. It is important to know this difference in order to manage our health and well-being, and to avoid overeating and digestive ailments. Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shed some light on this very topic in her latest video.

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The video was shared on Instagram reels by the official handle of the celebrity nutritionist. “These are testing times and many are eating just to keep emotions from boiling over. But eating without the body’s need for it is only adding to our troubles. Quick easy way to distinguish the two hungers and oh so effective,” wrote Pooja Makhija in the caption.

In the short clip, the celebrity nutritionist narrated a simple trick to tell if you’re actually hungry or just emotional. She suggested taking your preferred snack in a bowl, and walking with it to a table. Next, you should remove all distractions such as tablets or smartphones and start eating the snack. If you enjoy eating the snack without distractions, then this means that you are clearly hungry and need the food. If eating without distractions annoys you, then this means that you were only emotional.

How easy and effective, right? Next time that you feel like reaching out for a snack to satiate your untimely hunger pangs, try this hack by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija and detect the real truth behind your hunger.

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