How To Make Sizzler At Home: Easy Tips And Recipes


When it comes to Indo-Chinese, there is no end to the dishes that we have experimented with. Whether it is the crispy chilli potato, all types of Manchurian, different flavours in chowmein or the succulent pieces of chilli chicken, we all have come to love these meals. The popularity of Indo-Chinese cuisine is such that you can find these dishes in every nook and corner of the country and can even make them at home. But one of the things that we still struggle to make is a delicious hot plate of Chinese Sizzlers!

Chinese sizzlers are one of those things that are more commonly found in restaurants, cafes, or food courts. The delicious and sizzling plate comes in a variety that always makes us drool. However, since it is advisable not to eat from outside, we might miss the taste of that sizzling platter. But don’t worry! Today, we bring you a recipe from which you will get not only that restaurant-style smokey flavour but also that fantastic sizzle that makes you want to indulge.

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While mostly the sizzlers are served on hot plates, these might not be available at our homes. So, a great alternative to this can be an iron cast plate or a non-stick Tawa or pan. Now let us see how we can make some yummy sizzler at our home.

Here’s How To Make Vegetarian Sizzler

Since sizzler contains two to three different dishes, you can choose what dish you would like to prepare. But if you want a well-balanced flavour, then first prepare some Hakka noodles with light spice. With this, make spicy scehzwan gravy with either Manchurian flavours or chilli paneer. Now for some crunch, fry some spring rolls and top them with fried noodles and hot sauce.

Enjoy a wholesome veg sizzler meal easily at home

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To plate this, first heat the iron cast plate or a non-stick Tawa or pan, now add three cabbage leaves on the bottom. Now put in the noodles, the spicy gravy and the spring rolls. Finally, garnish with some spring onions and enjoy it hot!

Here’s How To Make Non-Vegetarian Sizzler

To make the non-vegetarian flavours, first, make some delicious chilli garlic noodles with chunks of chicken in them. Make sure both the flavours mix. Next, cook some spicy gravy using soy sauce, vinegar, chilli sauces and spices- add mixed vegetables like broccoli, onion, carrots, mushroom, fried paneer and others of your choice. To balance the spice, prepare some chicken momos and enjoy!


Make some steaming hot chicken coated in thick soy sauce, add noodles and enjoy this non-veg sizzler platter.

To plate this, heat the iron cast plate or a non-stick Tawa or pan, now add three cabbage leaves on the bottom and plate all the things you have prepared in the leaves. Garnish with spring onion and serve hot.

Make the sizzler of your choice and let us know how it turned out for you and which one you liked more!

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