How To Make Egg Pocket: The Creative New Recipe That Is Insanely Delicious


The egg is probably one of the most loved ingredients across the world. Whether it is eggs benedict or a Spanish omelette, egg Frittatas, or an egg curry – the humble egg can be cooked in thousands of ways. We recently came across a creative and interesting dish made with eggs, called ‘egg pocket’. Just like the name suggests, eggs are used to make a unique wrap-like structure that can be filled with the ingredients of your choice. Take a look at the video of the new recipe here:

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The egg pocket recipe has been widely shared by many bloggers all over social media. The new recipe by @caughtsnackin is the one that is simplest to follow. In the video, the blogger shows how to make a quick and easy egg pocket. Firstly, oil is heated in a pan and then a spatula is splashed around in it to coat it with the hot oil. Next, eggs are whisked in a bowl and the spatula is dipped in the egg mix to coat it well. Now, the egg-coated spatula is dipped back into the pan to create a crunchy and yummy egg pocket.

Once the egg pocket is deep-fried and ready, it can be removed from the spatula and stuffed with fillings of choice. In the video, the fillings used were lettuce, tomato, and a half-fried egg. The crunchy egg pocket is not just different and unique from your usual egg recipes, but also insanely delicious!

This is not the only way to make an egg pocket. Earlier this year, popular food blogger Josh Elkin (@joshelkin) had shared his take on the egg pocket. He used egg whites to create an envelope in which egg yolks were cooked with grated cheddar cheese. Take a look at his egg pocket recipe here:

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Both the egg pocket recipes definitely are on foodies’ radar, and may just become the next big food trend of 2021. What did you think of the new egg pocket recipe? Tell us which one you’ll be trying in the comments below.

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