How To Make Corn And Pomegranate Chaat For A Simple And Refreshing Summer Treat


Summer Diet: Corn and pomegranate makes for a fulfilling chaat recipe.

Summer season is in full swing across the country, and fresh, chilled and delicious food is all we can think about. From juices to smoothies, salads to chaats – the hot summer days have us craving for all these recipes and more. Gone are the days when we would slave next to a kitchen stove to whip up a hot meal! If you are on the lookout for a simple yet refreshing summer treat that you can rustle up in just thirty minutes – we have just what you need. This corn and pomegranate chaat is the picture of good health and is the ideal recipe for the summer months.

This colourful, tangy and tasty chaat is probably one of the most delicious summer recipes you can try today. Corn kernels and shelled pomegranate – two seemingly sweet ingredients – are given a whole new flavour in this chaat recipe. The two are combined with an assortment of flavours and condiments that will leave you smacking your lips. Those who love the sour taste of Chaat on their palate will simply relish this Corn and Pomegranate chaat. The best part about this recipe is that it is ready in no time, and easy to make even for beginner cooks!

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Corn kernels and pomegranate pearls come together for this easy summer recipe. 

How To Make Corn And Pomegranate Chaat | Easy Corn Pomegranate Chaat Recipe

Prepare all the ingredients and assemble the corn, pomegranate, capsicum, orange and mint in a bowl. Mix everything well. You can now prepare the dressing in a separate container or add it to the same bowl itself. Mix the chaat well together and serve fresh!

Click here for the complete step-by-step recipe of corn and pomegranate chaat.

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