How To Make Aam Ka Chunda – A Sweet And Tangy Mango Pickle From Gujarat (Recipe Inside)


Pickles (or achar) are a staple in Indian food culture. The process of making achar in India is a popular activity during the hot summer days. It is, in fact, a tradition passed on through generations. Aam, nimbu, mirchi etc, dunked in oil and a pool of spices, and sun-dried for days – achar is just irresistible. A spoonful of achar is enough to elevate our meal experience in a jiffy. It also works as a quick fix for the days when you are in no mood to cut and chop vegetables and prepare any sabzi. You can simply pair parathas or rotis with achar and dahi and indulge. 

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Mango pickle is loved by all and it tastes excellent as a side with a complete meal.

There are different types of achar available in India, leaving us spoilt for choices. But when we think of summer meals, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘aam ka achar‘. During this season, you will find at least one jar of mango pickle in our pantry. And the best part is, aam ka achar recipe sees multiple variations – each of which can easily be prepared at home. Take aam ka chunda, for instance.

Aam ka chunda is a flavourful, liquid-y achar, commonly available in every Gujarati household. It is basically a combination of grated mango and sugar, spiced with mustard oil and a few tangy ingredients including red chilli powder, dry mango powder, asafoetida, et al. Already slurping? Here we have the aam ka chunda recipe for you to add a tangy twist to your regular meal.

How To Make Gujarati Aam Ka Chunda | Gujarati Mango Pickle Recipe:

Traditionally, aam ka chunda is prepared by sun-drying the mixture for a week to 10 days, depending on the heat and sunlight. This process can be tedious and time-taking for many of us. So, to make it easy and quick, people now-a-days prepare pickles on a gas stove. We bring one such easy recipe here.

To begin with, you need to grate a few raw mangoes, add salt, turmeric and mix well. Keep it aside for 2-3 hours. Take a heavy bottomed pan to prepare the mixture and place it on the gas stove. Cook until it starts bubbling and boiling. The last step is to add all the tangy spices and mix well. Switch off the flame and transfer it to a deep bowl and allow it to cool completely.

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Points to remember while making the achar:

  • Adjust the quantity of sugar according to how sour the raw mangoes are.
  • Keep stirring the mixture continuously. If not stirred, the mix may stick and burn at the bottom of the pan.
  • You can also add Kashmiri chilli powder to enhance the taste and colour of the achar.

Try this sweet and tangy mango pickle recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.

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