How Taapsee Pannu got fitter and thinner even after ‘eating everything under the sun’


Munmun Ganeriwal who has been working with Rashmi Rocket star Taapsee Pannu for a couple of years now opened up about the actor’s transformation over the years in a telephonic conversation.

The award-winning nutritionist who’s coming up with a book Yuktahaar: The Belly And Brain Diet in December this year – where she talks about an easy-to-follow 10-week diet programme for those aiming at sustainable weight loss – told HT Digital how she helped Taapsee revive her gut health which further helped her to get fitter and thinner even when she was eating almost everything including dairy which she was not having earlier.

Taapsee Pannu with her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal.

‘A great body is about inclusion of all kinds of food’ 

“Whenever we talk about a great body, we often talk about things that we do not have to eat. We associate a great body with deprivation. But the truth is that a great body comes from a robust metabolism which means you can eat and digest everything. It’s not deprivation but inclusion of all kinds of food. It is a sign that you are having a great metabolism and that you can eat and digest everything,” says Ganeriwal.

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‘Working on Taapsee’s metabolism revived her gut health’ 

The nutritionist shared how Taapsee had a sluggish metabolism and her aim was to revive it and fire it up.


“So with Taapsee, the first time when we start working a few years back, she was sensitive to dairy, gluten and other few things. Our aim was to revive her gut health. Her metabolism was really sluggish. So, the aim was to work on her metabolism and fire it up. Once that happened her gut health was revived, and she started eating everything under the sun. It was not about avoiding dairy or any other food anymore. The struggle was completely over. So, she could eat everything and it became effortless for her. She became thinner and more energetic,” says Ganeriwal.


As Taapsee’s gut health improved, she started getting fitter and her body got toned. She felt healthier, lighter and more energetic and her stamina increased, said her nutritionist.

 ‘Taapsee doesn’t believe in chasing a number on weighing scale’

“Taapsee believes in being fit and does not get on a weighing scale to measure how much weight she has lost. She is the person who likes to feel and look fit. Her stamina has really increased. I remember a message few months after we started working. She said ‘my metabolism has fired up. I can really feel that my strength and stamina has increased.’ Those were the things she was feeling great about. It was not like we were chasing a number on a weighing scale. It was overall health and fitness that was making her really happy and she was looking very gorgeous. Even in the movies she did before Rashmi Rocket, if you look at her, she was looking extremely fit and nice,” said Ganeriwal.

So, if you too want to look fit and fab like Taapsee, work on your metabolism and gut health!

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