Hina Khan’s Maldives Vacation Is All About Food That Will Make You Drool; See Pics


Hina Khan is a diva who has charmed us all with her acting and personality. And thanks to her social media presence, we often get a look at the star’s personal life. A cursory glance at her Instagram timeline will tell you that she is an unabashed foodie. The actress who is currently in the Maldives seems to be living up to her reputation of being a food-lover by enjoying some yummy local fare. Luckily for us, Hina Khan has been sharing images of the delicious food on Instagram and we have to admit that the pictures had our mouths drooling and stomachs rumbling.

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The videos shared by the actress show that she started her day with an elaborate breakfast. Sharing a clip, Hina Khan was seen digging into some yummy porridge, a portion of fruits, nuggets with sauce and some fresh croissants. With this, she was also seen indulging in some tasty and healthy drinks such as a glass of apple, carrot and ginger juice.

After a day at the spa, Hina Khan was seen having another healthy drink. This time, she went for a concoction with lemon, ginger and honey.


Before you think that Hina Khan is only indulging in healthy drinks while on vacation, we have news for you. The star was seen enjoying a yummy dessert that is sure to make you crave something sweet as soon as you look at it. The actress went for a tart that had the perfect balance of cream and fruits. The tart that was loaded with custard was decorated with white tempered chocolate, cream as well as a bunch of fresh berries. The flavours were brought together with a generous helping of chocolate and nut dust on top.


Just a few days ago, Hina Khan shared an image of her lunch that left us all a tad bit hungry. The actress was enjoying a plate of scrumptious fried fish that was paired with sautéed vegetables such as baby corn, beans and button mushrooms. The sauce for the day was tartar along with some spiced mayonnaise dip. 

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No matter what the occasion is, Hina Khan ensures that food plays a significant role in the celebration. A few months ago, when the actress completed 12 years in the industry, she treated herself to some tasty cake to mark the day. The cake was glazed with dark chocolate and decorated with white and pink whipping cream.

With several such delicious food posts to her credit, we cannot wait to see what Hina Khan will be eating next!

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