High Protein Diet: This Chicken And Cheese Salad Is The Easiest Way To Beat Those Chicken Cravings


There is something about salads that gets all of us divided. You are either a fan or you are not. You either think that it is all things bland and boring, or you have actually taken the effort to understand the nuances of a good salad, something that has led you to believe that salads, too, can be super flavourful in addition to being super nutritious. What draws us to salads is their sheer versatility. Your salad can be anything you want it to be. You have all the right to toss-up anything in your salad to make it more flavourful and healthy. Got some leftover chicken to throw in your salad, add some healthy cheese, why not?

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Chicken is an excellent source of protein

This high-protein, chicken and cheese salad is one of the easiest salad recipes out there. It is ideal for summer since it is served cold. Both chicken and cheese are considered good sources of protein. Chicken falls under the category of ‘lean protein’ or ‘good protein’ since it packages all good qualities of protein, without significant fat content. Protein is often called the building block of life, and for a reason. It helps build muscle, is essential for our overall health, skin, nail and hair growth. Most importantly, it helps aid weight management and sustains weight loss. Protein helps with satiety, when you start feeling full, you start resisting fattening ‘snack breaks’. When you avoid foods that are high in fat and sodium, you decrease your chances of weight gain.

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Cheese is a source of good fats

High Protein Diet: How To Make Chicken And Cheese Salad

To make this salad you would need some chicken breast, boneless either boiled, steamed, grilled or cooked. Make sure you do not use raw chicken for your salad, it could give, you tummy troubles. Other than that, you would require some blocks of cheese, pick healthier variety like feta, ricotta, aged parmesan, you can also use mozzarella but make sure you do so in moderate amounts.

The crunch and ‘ green quotient’ in this salad is provided by celery and cabbage leaves. A little bit of parsley could add a lovely zest to this salad, if you do not have parsley, you can add a few coriander leaves or cilantro. Click here for the detailed- recipe of Chicken And Cheese Salad. 

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