High-Protein Diet: Make Delicious And Nutritious Mushroom-Dal Tikkis In Just 30 Minutes


The weekend is almost here, and we can finally relax from all that work and college assignments. While most of us love to spend these two days doing our favourite activities or going to meet our friends, some of us prefer to stay in our homes and enjoy the company of our close ones. But more than this, weekends are also the time to indulge in our favourite foods! So, if you have been dieting all week and waiting for the weekend to indulge in some delicious food or simply want to make a yummy meal for your family- these two days is the time to do that. Whatever the case might be, today we bring you a special weekend recipe of high-protein mushroom dal tikki that will be easy to cook and perfect to make even if you are on a diet!

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We are sure that over years you have eaten many kinds of tikkis, whether it is our beloved aloo ki tikki or khoya stuffed tikkis; the options are endless when it comes to this food item. But this recipe of high-protein mushroom and dal tikki will surely become your number one favourite in no time. These tikkis are not only nutritious but also baked, which gives them a healthy twist. Both mushroom and Dal enriches these yummy Tikkis with the goodness of protein.

These tikkis are nutritious and baked

Mushrooms are known to be high in nutrients and low in calories. This edible fungus can easily adapt to any flavour you add to it. They can also help you in lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and weight loss. As for dals- they are the most common food in our Indian cuisine and are also known to be low in calories and have essential everyday nutrients. With the numerous benefits of both the ingredients, let’s check out the recipe of high-protein mushroom dal tikki.

Here Is The Recipe Of High-Protein Mushroom Dal Tikki | High-Protein Mushroom Dal Tikki Recipe

Rinse some masoor dal and add to a pan with one cup of water, bouillon and a bay leaf. Bring the water to boil, lower the flame, and simmer for 10-12 minutes. The dal needs to be soft but not completely done. Once done, remove from flame. Then add this to a blender, and add the cooked daal, mushrooms, oats, and spices. Blend it until the mixture is semi-coarse.

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In a pan, saute the onions and garlic, add the pulsed mushroom-dal-oats mixture, and cook for a few minutes. Add some soy sauce and salt and pepper. Mix to form a consistent mixture. Add whisked egg into the mix to help binding while baking. This is optional, so it can be skipped too. Make high-protein tikkis out of the mix and bake them till crisp on the outside.

For the full recipe of high-protein mushroom dal tikki, click here.

Make these healthy and yummy tikkis and let us know how you liked them.

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