High Fibre Diet: Here Is A List Of 7 Fibre-Rich Foods You Need To Eat This Monsoon


We’ve often heard nutritionists and health experts ask us to include fibre in our diets for better health. What is fibre exactly? Dietary fibre, also known as roughage, is a portion of plant-based food that is not easily broken down by the enzymes present in the human digestive system. The fibre that does get broken down and absorbed by the human body prevents the absorption of unwanted food by the body. Roughage is used by the cells in the colon area and digestive tract as fuel to keep them healthy. A fibre-rich diet prevents digestion-related problems like constipation and pain caused by passing stool. Aside from its numerous digestive benefits, high-fibre content in our diets also aids in weight loss and promotes good heart health. It greatly reduces the risk of stroke and also regulates blood sugar levels. 

To help you incorporate fibre in your diet, here is a list of foods — along with the recipes — that you should include in your meal plan.

1) Banana

Banana has high fibre content that is believed to help relieve constipation. It is also a rich source of potassium and iron. Include bananas into your regular diet by adding a delicious twist to the fruit with this yummy banana oats smoothie.

Banana has high fibre content

2) Oats

Oats are deemed to be one of the best sources of fibre. Oats can be incorporated into the diet in different ways, from oats upma to oats granola bars.  We also recommend that you try this oats matar cheela recipe. It is packed with the goodness of green beans mixed with green chillies and makes for a tasty breakfast. 

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They can be made anyway you like

3) Lentils

It is common knowledge that lentils are a rich source of protein, but they also have a high fibre content. The dietary fibre found in lentils along with carbs helps improve your energy levels and keeps your mind and body active throughout the day. Try this one-pot khilli hui khichdi recipe packed with the goodness of three different types of dals for a healthy meal. 


Lentils are loaded with several essential nutrients

4) Flaxseeds 

Flax or linseed comes from a flowering plant. These tiny seeds are very rich in fibre and protein. Flaxseeds are believed to improve bowel movements in adults as well as in diabetes patients. Try this yummy flaxseed raita recipe to include flaxseed in your regular diet. Ground flaxseed mixed into some tangy yogurt and refreshing mint is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. 

flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Flax or linseed comes from a flowering plant

5) Apples And Pears

Apples and pears eaten with the skin intact are a great source of fibre. The skin contains more fibre content than the fruit itself which is why it is important to avoid peeling off the skin. Fruits are best when eaten as they are, but if you want to jazz up your fruit diet try this apple and cinnamon crumble bar recipe. 

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6) Broccoli

Broccoli is super rich in vitamin C as well as dietary fibres. The flavour-packed vegetable can be enjoyed simply sauteed with a little oil and garlic. Or you can add a tasty twist to your meal with this multigrain broccoli paratha recipe.


Make this any way you like

7) Nuts

From almonds to walnuts and cashew nuts, all types of nuts are rich in fibre. A bowl of mixed nuts eaten in the morning can be very beneficial to your health. You can blend them up with some fruit and milk into a smoothie for breakfast like this banana walnut smoothie.


Nuts and seeds can be consumed as an evening snack

Tell us which of these fibre-rich food recipes you want to include in your diet, in the comments below. 

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