Here’s why you should try Swiss ball workout like Neeraj Chopra


We couldn’t be more proud and teary-eyed as the Indian national anthem played after 13 years in Olympics and we have only 23-year-old Indian javelin thrower, Neeraj Chopra, to thank for this glory as he won a gold medal in the sport at Tokyo Olympics 2020. While the champion “slept soundly with the medal near pillow last night”, fans and fitness enthusiasts have been drawing inspiration from the javelin throw hero and we are no different as we take workout motivation from the athlete’s recent Swiss ball exercise.

In one of his social media posts earlier, Neeraj gave a glimpse of his preparation ahead of the main tournament and our jaws just dropped in awe as we saw him pull off the inherently riskier core strength exercise by standing on a Swiss ball and flaunted exceptional balancing skills to tone his muscles and core fitness. Testing his fitness in a relaxed way in Sweden’s synthetic indoor track at IFU Arena in Uppsala, Neeraj donned a black sweatshirt and a pair of black tights to nail the athleisure look during his robust exercise session.

While one picture featured him aiming a javelin while balancing his body weight on the Swiss ball, another picture featured him simply extending his arms out at 180 degrees and parallel to the ground as he maintained his balance on the gym equipment. Letting his training talk for itself, Neeraj left the caption blank but fans were left swooning over the “beast” in the comments section.



Also known as exercise balls, Stability balls, Yoga balls, Physio balls and balance balls, the Swiss ball exercises improve balance and tone the muscles apart from improving core strength. This gym equipment is used use in physical therapy to build muscles and endurance, strengthen the core and developing flexibility and balance.

Additionally, the Swiss ball helps in rehabilitating the back, hips and knee injuries to deliver a powerful workout and improve core stability, posture and muscle balance. Standing and maintaining your balance on a Swiss ball not only prevents posture defects but also increases lumbar (low back) mobility by strengthening spinal muscles, improves abdominal and back muscle strength, improves balance and stability and develops an overall control and strength of the core body muscles.

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