Here’s celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala’s Covid-19 recovery workout


Celebrity fitness trainer and Bollywood’s favourite Pilates instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala is known for having sculpted some of the best body’s in the business including Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu, Vaani Kapoor, Sophie Choudhry, and several other celebrities. And while the celebrity fitness trainer’s feed is usually flooded with videos and tutorials about how to stay fit, what exercises one can do to tone their body, achieve their desired beach body and training videos with her celebrity clients, the trainer switched it up and shared with her legions of followers how they can try and stay fit after recovering from Covid-19, exercises to build their lung strength and some tips on recovering from Covid-19. In the second waves of the coronavirus pandemic, several celebrities were infected with the virus, and Yasmin Karachiwala was also exposed to the virus.

Sharing a video in which she can be seen doing a range of exercises, Yasmin shared that given that she only suffered from a mild case of Covid-19, she was performing exercises that helped build lung capacity and reduce bodily stiffness. She asked in the caption, “Waiting to get back to your exercise routine after Covid?,” continuing, “I would like to share with you some of the exercises that I did when I recovered, which really helped me increase my lung capacity and make my body less stiff! Do note that my symptoms were mild. If your symptoms are not mild or you are yet to fully recover, please consult your physician/doctor before doing any of these exercises. I started these exercises very slowly with low intensity doing only as many reps as my body felt comfortable doing. I was also constantly listening to my body, which is the most important thing any of us can do Post Covid.”

Here are the exercises Yasmin advised to do and even shared videos to guide followers into doing them properly. They are, “Abdominal Breathing Diaphagnatic, Lateral Lung Breathing, Side Bend – Single Lung Breathing, Cat & Cow – Spine Mobilisation, Twist & Hold (Spinal Rotation with Breath), Mini Swan – Thoracic Extension, Hip Flexor Stretch (Releasing tightness due to sitting all day), Butterfly Stretch – Stretch Hips, Glutes, Groin & Inner Thigh)”

The celebrity trainer had also shared a video recently in which she enumerated the six things that helped her recover from Covid-19. She shared a video of herself taking steam, popping vitamins and zinc supplements as well as proning (lying on one’s stomach). She wrote in the caption about her ‘Covid Remedies’, sharing, “Hey Everyone! I would like to share with you 6 things that really helped me when I had Covid. Steam (2-3 Times a day), Vitamin C (At least 1000 mg a day), Zinc (1 Supplement a day), Check Oxygen Saturation (2 Times a day using a Pulse Oxymeter), Proning (If your oxygen levels are low), Consult a Doctor from home: (For the meds that you need, don’t self medicate!)”

She explained that one must not self medicate as even though our friends and family who may have recovered from the virus may think the same medication will work for us, however depending on the severity of every case the medication and treatment will be different, hence one must always consult with a medical professional.

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