Here Are 7 Papad Recipes You Can Add To Your Menu


Whether we need a side dish for lunch or a snack for evening tea, papad has always come to the rescue in most Indian households. Papad is a traditional snack that can be found in different cultures. Often, the staple crop of a region would affect the ingredients that go into making papad. While our grandmothers had surely mastered the craft of making papad at home, most of us do not know the exact recipes that they followed. Fret not, for we have the solution. Thanks to our never-ending quest for experimentation, we have found many diverse ways to prepare it.

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To help you make some popular papad variants at home and also whip up some delicious dishes using them, here is a list:

1.Sabudana Papad

The same dal papad every day can get quite boring. On such days, try this sabudana papad at home. Make a sabudana porridge with jeera and salt, spread spoonfuls of it on parchment paper and let them dry in the sunlight. Then, just fry them and munch on.

Make the ultra-crispy street style sabudana papad and enjoy with your morning or evening tea

2.Aloo Ka Papad

Dump the fried potato chips aside and make this aloo papad at home. All we need is mashed potatoes, oil, salt and chilli powder. Roll out on a plastic sheet and dry it in the sun.

3.Masala Papad

Once we have the papad in hand, how do we spice it up? Mix chopped onion, tomato and coriander with lemon juice and spices. Add this mixture to fried papad and relish the snack.


A party favourite, use this masala papad to amp up your lunches and dinners too

4.Papad ka paratha

Want to try papad and paratha together? Crumble papad, mix with spices and vegetables and stuff into the paratha dough. Fry the paratha on a tawa and serve hot. Voila, you have a yummy dish!

5.Papad ki sabzi

Leftover papad at home? Just put it into a delicious curd gravy made with Indian spices, ghee and chillies.


Papad ki sabji is a delicious and easy way to utilise some leftover papads

6.Chicken stuffed papad

Stuffed papad can taste heavenly, especially if you use the right stuffing. This time, we have some yummy chicken. For the stuffing, make a sautéed preparation of onion, garlic and spices and add chicken to this. Moisten papad with water and stuff it with chicken. Roll, seal and fry.

7.Paneer stuffed paratha

For all the vegetarians out there, this recipe is a  treat. Sauté onions with cumin seeds, chilli, tomato, carrot and spices. Add shredded paneer to it. Squeeze lemon juice and stuff this mixture into the papad. Fry and serve fresh from the pan.


The juicy fillings and the crunchy fried papad make this dish a must try 

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Try these papad recipes and enjoy a happy meal at home.

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