Here Are 7 High-Protein Breakfast Recipes That You Can Whip Up In Less Than 30 Minutes


Want to start your mornings on a healthy note? Do it with a protein-rich breakfast! A high-protein diet is a good source of energy to start your day. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t interfere with other diets. You can still stick to your low-carb or no-gluten or vegan diet. But protein-rich foods can find a way to sneak onto your plate and nourish you for the day. Wondering how to rustle up a protein-rich platter on a busy morning? Don’t worry. We have 7 recipes that can be cooked within 30 minutes.

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Don’t let your busy mornings hamper your healthy diet. Here’s the list of 7 recipes:

1. Spinach Pancakes With Oats And Walnuts

Boost your mornings with a super healthy dish made of spinach, oats and walnuts. Blend all the ingredients with milk to make a batter. Add vanilla extract for flavour. Cook some delicious pancakes with this.

Spinach pancakes are soft and delicious

2. Soya Poha

Poha, made with flattened rice, is a popular Indian breakfast. Make it healthier by adding herb-soaked and crumbled soybean. Make it a vegetable delight by adding beans, peas, tomatoes and onions. Cook in spices and add lemon juice for a tangy taste.

3. Besan Ka Cheela

This flatbread requires chickpea flour, which has a lot of protein content. Make it a healthy and interesting morning treat by adding chillies, onions, ajwain and methi leaves.


Cheela is an easy Indian breakfast option

4. Paneer Bhurji

This delectable dish of scrambled paneer or Indian cottage cheese is high in protein. For this, you may dump onions and garlic. Pep it up with methi, coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder and salt to taste. In case you don’t want to have paneer, you can substitute it with tofu.

5. Egg Paratha

Eggs are a vital source of proteins. If you want to have it for breakfast but in Indian style, have an egg paratha. If you want to up your culinary game, replace the regular flour with a high-protein option.


Eggs are high sources of protein

6. Chickpea Fritters

Fritters can’t get healthier than this. This recipe includes chickpea flour and tofu as the main ingredients. The dish bursts with flavours when ingredients like tomatoes, thyme, parsley, black olives are added to it.

7. Soya Uttappam

Soybean gets a yummy south Indian makeover with this recipe. The addition of urad dal and chana dal makes it richer in protein content.


Uttapamas are delicious south Indian breakfast options

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Enjoy these delicious and protein-rich breakfasts for a power-packed day.

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