Hanuman Jayanti 2021: How To Make Classic Motichoor Ladoo For The Celebrations


We just love how diversified Indian culture is. Consequently, we get to enjoy different festivals year-round. India is celebrating Hanuman Jayanti today (April 27, 2021). Also referred to as Hanuman Janmotsav, this day marks the birth of Lord Hanuman – the deity of victory and protection (against evil). On this day, devotees across the country offer their prayers to Lord Hanuman with sweets, flowers, coconut et al. People also chant Hanuman Chalisa and recite Ramayana. Every year hundreds and thousands of Hindus visit different Hanuman temples on this day. However, amidst the ongoing Covid situation, stepping out of houses seems to be a distant dream for all; instead, people are keeping it low-key this year, and celebrating the day at home.

We all are trying to avoid getting food from outside as much as possible. Hence, this year we planned to prepare sweets for bhog, from the very scratch – motichoor ladoo being one of them. It is one traditional sweetmeat that holds a constant place in any Indian festival. The word ‘motichoor’ literally translates to crushed pearls, which signifies the soft and juicy boondi globules dipped in sugar syrup. Honestly, we feel, there couldn’t have been a better name for the delicacy. Although motichoor ladoo is a native to North India (Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan), today its popularity goes beyond the barriers. You will find motichoor ladoo in every sweet shop across the country.

Here we bring a motichoor ladoo recipe that will not only amp up the festive fare but also remind you of your favourite halwai in town. So, without further ado, let’s get with the recipe.

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Hanuman Jayanti Special: How To Make Motichoor Ladoo | Motichoor Ladoo Recipe:

To prepare the boondi for the ladoo, you need to first whip up a thin batter with besan and water or milk. Then take the batter in a strainer and drop the boondis in a pan, with hot ghee/oil in it. When the boondi get fried with rich golden colour, keep them aside on a plate.

Now, prepare sugar syrup with some saffron strands and colour and mix with the boondi and crushed dry fruits. Sprinkle some hot water on the mix and keep it covered for at least 1.5 hours. This will help add moisture, juicy texture to the ladoo. Finally, prepare small roundels out of the mix and serve.

For a detailed recipe, click here.

Try making this classic mithai at home and make your Hanuman Jayanti celebration extra-special, this year.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2021, everyone!

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