Gul Panag ‘forgot the two important rules of fitness.’ Then, this happened…


Gul Panag swears by yoga and high intensity workouts. The actor, when not busy playing characters for the screen, is usually spotted in her workout routines. The actor also shares her fitness routines on her Instagram profile to try and motivate her Instagram family to take up the same.

On Tuesday, however, Gul Panag shared the mistakes she has committed regarding her fitness. The actor, who garnered a lot of life lessons from her fitness mistakes, shared a set of pictures, clicked a year apart, and wrote of the two important rules of fitness, which she forgot.

In one of the pictures, Gul shared a rather recent picture of herself where she can be seen dressed in a red tank top and a pair of black shorts, teamed with a white cap and a pair of black sneakers. Gul looks she is ready to hit the gym. The other picture is from last year, where she sported a black tank top and a pair of denim trousers and wore flip flops.

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With the pictures, Gul pointed out the two important rules of fitness. Primarily, fitness is not a destination – it is more of a journey. When a recent goal is achieved, it is advised to start innovating and set newer goals to keep the journey ongoing. Secondly, eating right is one of the most important elements of working out. Exercising does not curb all the junk that are consumed, so it is necessary to watch the diet and exercise accordingly.

“First picture is where I am. 2nd picture is where I want to be. The pictures are exactly a year apart. And proof of the fact that I forgot the two important rules of fitness,” an excerpt of Gul’s post read. Take a look at her pictures here:


Gul also shared a part of her fitness routine in her post. She wrote that she runs on most of the days, and even though she has a long way to cover, she is on her way. “I’ve made strength a big part of my regimen. The others days I run. Long way to go. But I’ve started, that’s what counts,” Gul wrapped her post.

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