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Get On A Gastronomical Journey Across Indian States With Pracheen – A Tale Of Authenticity

Pracheen emphasizes on the pre-independence recipes.

With the dine-in space of the F&B industry shut for most of the 2020, takeaways, delivery-only and cloud kitchens have been quite a savior for many of us. The past year has seen countless restaurants turning towards delivery-only or in-home dining concept besides a gamut of cloud kitchen opening up. Not only do they offer mouth-watering delicacies, many of them have come up with innovative ways for the consumers to feel a restaurant-like experience at home. Pracheen, the new cloud kitchen on the block definitely tops the list!

Translated from the word “Ancient”, Pracheen – India before 1947 aims to bring back the glory of the original Indian flavours that dates back to the Mughal era. In a time where modern Indian cuisine and fusion food has taken centre stage, Pracheen is retaining the ancient cooking techniques, utensils and ingredients of Rajasthan, Kerala and the famous Mughal kitchen as a way to honour and immortalize the heritage of Indian Cuisine. Picking up some of the most signature dishes from several states, Pracheen emphasizes on the pre-independence recipes that originated in the kitchens of the Indian princely states both royal kitchens and the locals.

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Our tryst with Pracheen was helmed by Chef Brajesh Ghansiyal who handpicked some of the most unique delicacies from across India. Right from Awadhi Nihari, Chapli Kebab to Hyderabadi Murgh and Rajasthani Laal Maas each delicacy was a revelation of the culture and tradition of the respective state. Be it the layers of distinct flavours of dum biryani or the aromatic Hyderabadi flavours in dum ka murgh, we couldn’t obviously stop at one bite.


While the succulent chapli kebabs had our heart, mouth-watering paneer khurchan was a burst of flavours we couldn’t get over. The utterly buttertly dal makhani was also quite a heavenly affair. All this was a wholesome affair when served with a range of breads and tantalizing chutneys.

Pracheen not only stands out for the authentic flavours of ancient India but also for the ancient packaging which comes in different small ceramic jars that are sure to impress the antique hoarder in you!

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