Gauahar Khan’s Honeymoon Breakfast Was A Delectable Parisian Affair; Take A Look


Gauahar Khan is honeymooning in Russia along with hubby Zaid Darbar, and it isn’t just the picturesque views of the beautiful country that she is enjoying. Gauahar, who is a self-confessed foodie, shared a video of herself dining in a beautiful restaurant in St Petersburg. While the restaurant was indeed stunning to look at, we couldn’t keep our eyes off Gauahar’s delicious breakfast. She is undoubtedly a fitness enthusiast, but it appears that she has forgone her healthy diet and is indulging in some delicious meals. And, we cannot blame her. A little indulgence is always allowed! 

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Gauahar posted the video of her breakfast on Instagram Stories where she is heard saying, “What is this restaurant? Oh my god. So cool.”

Her breakfast of a plate of soft and drool-worthy crepes along with white chocolate and milk chocolate left us salivating. We also spotted a bowl of healthy oats, a jar of granola pudding as well as some fruit and chia pudding. Take a look at her delectable breakfast: 

Instagram story by Gauhar Khan

Gauahar’s breakfast in Russia, is known to be a healthy and delicate version of a pancake that is served both savoury and sweet. Crepes can be enjoyed with a number of fillings and fruits. The versatile dish can be eaten as both breakfast as well as a dessert. 

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If Gauahar’s delish breakfast has left you with a hankering to recreate some for yourself at home, don’t worry!

Here are a few easy recipes for you to whip up:

1) Chocolate Banana Crepe

Enjoy a plate of hot and delicate crepes in 30 minutes, topped with delicious chocolate sauce or a chocolate spread of your choice and banana or any other fruit you like. All you need is some flour, milk, and eggs. Click here for the recipe. 


This recipe can be made easily

2) Strawberry Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients and this easy recipe requires only some chia seeds soaked in milk and spiced with some star anise or any spice you like, topped with yummy fresh strawberries or strawberry jam or any fruit of your choice. See the recipe here. 


Chia seeds are packed with nutrients

3) Granola And Fruit Smoothie

Add a delicious and healthy twist to your regular breakfast with this rich and creamy smoothie made by blending apples with yogurt, honey, and cinnamon and topped with crunchy granola. For the recipe click here.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Gauahar’s yummy breakfast feast.

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