Garlic Chicken Recipe: How To Make Lehsuni Murg For A Quick Feast



  • Garlic is known as Lehsun in Hindi
  • Garlic can help elevate the flavour of any dish
  • Garlic chicken is sure to strike a chord among all age groups

If you have been cooking for a while now, you must have your own set of kitchen secrets to make a dish more appetizing. Well, we have some of our own too, and some of them are really worth sharing. For instance, if you feel your chicken curry has been lacking a little chutzpah, be generous with the garlic. There’s nothing that a garlicky kick cannot salvage, and we know this for a fact. Garlic single-handedly gives your curry a unique character, makes it bolder and richer. It is a good thing that garlic is also one of the healthiest things in your kitchen. Garlic’s active compound allicin helps manage cholesterol, blood pressure, combats cold and flu and keeps you immune.

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Chicken is a versatile meat

This lehsuni chicken has indulgence written all over it, yet it is one of the simplest recipes you can find around. Chicken, ghee, yogurt, ginger-garlic paste and fried garlic are the chief ingredients of this recipe along with a combination of easily available masalas like red chilli powder, nutmeg, pepper and javitri. The recipe also uses almond paste and saffron water that gives this recipe an inimitable richness. You can make the almond paste at home too, just gently roast them and soak it in water for a while before blending them in a thick mixture.


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Lehsuni chicken or Garlic chicken is ideal for a special occasion like a dinner party, potluck or Sunday brunch. Its tempting rich colour and strong aroma will draw takers from across the room within a matter of minutes.


Garlic can make any dish more flavourful

How To Make Lehsuni Murgh


To make this delicacy, all you need to do is fry onions in ghee. Next, you would be required to pour in the ginger-garlic paste, mix it up with coriander powder and some water. Next, add the yogurt and red chilli powder. Mix everything until well-combined. Add the badam paste, chicken, salt and water. Once everything is cooked and well-mixed, add the masalas, chopped garlic and kesar cook for a few minutes and serve hot with a garnish of fresh coriander leaves.

Lehsuni chicken can be paired with rice or roti. You can also pair it with naan or laccha paratha. Here is the step-by-step recipe of lehsuni murgh. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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