Gabriella Demetriades on being body shamed: Fashion industry wasn’t as diverse


Gabriella Demetriades, fashion designer, model, Arjun Rampal’s better half and mother to their son Arik, recently revealed many of her fitness, health, beauty and skin secrets, also sharing how she was body-shamed for having big hips and thighs during her modelling days. The stunning light-eyed beauty recently took to her social media feed and decided to answer some of the most-asked questions that her fans and followers wish to know about her.

Gabriella shared many details, from her love for sugar to her versatile exercise regimen in an ‘Ask Away’ Instagram session recently. She shared in an Instagram story, “I do not follow any particular diet. But I do intermittent fasting when I am at home.”

A follower asked, “Have you ever struggled with your body confidence/ image? any advice?” To which Gabriella answered, “Yes, sadly the fashion industry wasn’t as diverse as it is today. I would be told all the time I’m not tall enough, my hips are too big, my thighs too thick, basically whatever they didn’t like. It took me a long time to not place my worth on those things.”

When queried about her fitness regimen, she shared, “I do it five to six times a week and I make sure I take a rest day.” The 34-year-old’s workout includes a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, Pilates, walking and running.

And while the super fit mommy may not seem like she gives in to any cravings, she did admit that she does not hold back on having sugar, writing, “No, I do not. I know it’s bad but it’s probably my only vice so it’s okay to have some in moderation.”

Sharing what works best for her skin, Gabriella also wrote about how Vitamin C has helped her tremendously, “I still have some pigmentation from pregnancy but I feel no alcohol, lots of sleep and exercise and a good routine (washing your face, sunscreen, moisturiser when needed and lots of vitamin C has really helped me.”

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