From Puns To Puddings: Check Out Vidya Balan’s All-Time Favourites


Actress Vidya Balan recently took to Instagram to answer some of the burning questions put forth by her fans. At the beginning of her impromptu Q&A, in true Vidya style, the actress had a fitting reply to a fan who wished to date her. You guessed it right! She uploaded a picture of her eating dates and captioned it as “Ya! Why not”. The fans asked her questions about her favourite cartoons, vacation spots and whether she was committed, to which she uploaded a picture with her husband and hilariously captioned it as “Lagta to aisa hi hai”. See her witty reply to a fan asking for a date here:

The actress even when on to mention that her beverage of choice would be coffee over tea and even uploaded a picture of herself enjoying a book with a steaming cup of coffee by her side. If you ask us, seems like the perfect combo for a rainy day! See the story here:


The most wholesome part of the entire Q&A was probably her love for her mother-in-law’s bread pudding. When a fan asked about her favourite dish, she replied by posting a picture of a very delicious looking bread pudding and captioned it as “Bread pudding by Sasu Ma” and no we did not miss the adorable red heart she put beside it! See the heart-warming post here:

Vidya Balan is currently preparing for the big release of her upcoming movie ‘Sherni’ that will be available on Amazon Prime from June 18 onwards. As an actress who works predominantly in movies that portray strong female characters, ‘Sherni’ is all about a lioness of a woman who is determined to rid the village of a tiger problem.

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