From Chinese Bhel To Corn Bhel: 5 Bhel Recipes That’ll Make Your Day


What constitutes an ideal ‘bhel‘ will always be a matter of debate among us Indians. Some like it pungent and spicy, some cannot do without the extra crunch of namkeen, some like to add chopped veggies, while others abhor the idea. For the uninitiated, bhel is an Indian street food that continues to rule our heart despite the emergence of much ‘fancier’ snacks. We are guessing it is the simplicity of this snack that makes it a popular choice among all age groups. It is one of the very few streets food you would want to try making at home- because again, can there be something simpler than making bhel? Traditionally, bhel is made with puffed rice, it has many regional variations like its spicier Bengali cousin ‘Jhalmuri‘. A lot of people like to give a healthy spin to bhel by replacing puffed rice with a more low-carb alternative like millets or cheese. There are so many ingredients around us, most of which can make for an excellent addition to your bhel, so why stick to the usual suspects? Here are some of our favourite bhel recipes.

Here Are 5 Lip-Smacking Bhel Recipes That’ll Make Your Day:

1. Spicy corn bhel
A heartwarming combination of corns and potatoes, flavoured with tangy tamarind (imly) chutney and lemon juice, this bhel is a delish spin on your quintessential bhel and your kids are going to enjoy every bite of it. Click here for recipe.

Corns are a very healthy option for kids | Photo credit: iStock 

2. Chinese Bhel
Chinese bhel has become an incredibly popular snack In Mumbai. It basically combines goodness of various veggies you find in Chinese dishes like carrots, cabbages and capsicum, with other bhel staples like peanuts, imly chutney and leads up to a dish to remember. Click here for recipe.

3. Mixed Millet Bhelpuri
Your favourite bhelpuri just got a tad healthier. Made with ragi, brown rice, puffed rice flakes, chaat masala, potatoes and chutney, you can never have enough of this snack. Click here for recipe.

4. Sabudana Bhel
Sabudana (or sago) is a superfood that you forget about as soon as the Navratri gets over is actually a superfood that is worth your attention for a longer span. It is a source of easily digestible carbs and is a powerhouse of antioxidants too. Soaked sabudana bring in that spongy quality that goes so well with ingredients like peanuts, and fresh coriander. Click here for recipe.

sabudana khichdi

Sabudana or tapioca is a superfood

5. Churmuri
This is a South-Indian style bhel combines the magic of muri or puffed rice and a Mysore-special spice-mix. Churumuri is a delicious tea-time snack and here’s how you can make it at home. 

Try these yummy bhel recipes at home and let us know how you liked it. 

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