Food Tech: This Robot Can Cook And Serve You A Delicious Meal In No Time


At some point, we all have thought about what the future would look like, maybe flying cars or other rapid advancements would actually be a possibility. Presently, we are at a stage where without technology, we almost feel handicapped without the many things are embedded in our everyday lives. Whether it is through software on laptops or phones, a robotic vacuum cleaner or even in gaming systems- all these things are now a routine part of our life. And while we come across many advancements every day, robots serving food at a restaurant is the new technology that is leaving people amazed!

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In Latvia’s capital, Riga, a robot springs up its arms and serves you a fresh bowl of some delicious pasta cooked in just five minutes. Sounds almost impossible, right? But an eatery in Riga by the name of ‘Roboeatz’ allows customers to order and pay for their meal before picking it up at the cafe.

This café is located under a concrete bridge and is designed in a way where the customer can look at the robot cooking the food and have a unique experience. It also offers a dining area, although most guests choose to order takeout because vaccination certificates are necessary to eat indoors in Latvia.

One of the customers, Iveta Ratinika, a teacher and a member of the Latvian capital’s education board, told AFP, “The food tasted better than I expected!” She also added that she would encourage students to come to see the robotic arm in operation and speculated that robots could be working in the canteen in “a few years.”

When ‘Roboeatz was first opened in 2018 by Konstantins Korcjomkins and Janis Poruks, their aim was to revolutionize the food industry.

According to the owners, ‘Roboeatz’ is designed to take over part of the meal prep activities while ensuring food safety and reducing the danger of infection in busy kitchens.

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Janis Porkus also told AFP that “this robot replaces four to six human employees, reducing labour costs significantly, but it will not replace people who are willing to have a career in restaurants and catering, becoming chefs or other food celebrities. It will take those low-paid jobs which most people already do not want.”

While this is one such example of technology in the food industry, this trend has been grown more in the last few years. Customers can watch robots assemble, bake, and box pizzas at a rate of up to 80 per hour at a newly launched cafe in Paris. In the United States, a robot called “Sally” from the startup ‘Chowbotics’ can prepare salads for vending machines.

While there are many upcoming things in the food industry, now we wait and see what comes next. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

(With inputs from AFP)

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