Fitness addict Bhagyashree schools fans about Omega 3 health benefits, sources


  • In her recent fitness video, Bhagyashree enlightened fans about the ‘connection with your heart and brain’ and how Omega 3 can work wonders for the body

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON MAR 17, 2021 06:21 PM IST

Fans can vouch that no health enthusiast makes vitamins and minerals talks’ sound fun and interesting like the way Bhagyashree does which is also the reason why her weekly “Back to Basics” videos are eagerly anticipated by the netizens. This week, the diva enlightened fans about the “connection with your heart and brain” and how Omega 3 can work wonders for the body.

Taking to her social media handle, as has been her routine all through Covid-19, Bhagyashree shared a video where she schooled fans about healthy benefits of Omega 3. Donning a spotless white kurti accessorised with a tiny maroon bindi and hair left open, the actor channelled her desi vibes as she faced the camera to share some meaningful insights.

“There is a connection with your heart and brain. …and its the Omega3 that works on keeping them healthy together (sic),” she shared in the caption. Elaborating on its benefits, Bhagyashree revealed, “They optimize your cardiovascular health by reduction of plaque in the arteries as well as reduce mental fatigue, promote healthier braincell performance and increase dopamine levels (sic).”

Relating with health enthusiasts on how “we are often told, have your Omegas but never explained how they work”, the actor broke it down for all in simple words and shared, “The ratio of Omega3:omega6 (1:4) is what we should ideally consume (sic).”

In the video, she even shared that walnuts are her brain food and that she consumes 2-3 of them every day to keep her brain and heart healthy. She concluded by writing, “We can get our Omegas through Walnuts, flaxseeds, eggs, fish and oils. Making the right choice is in our hands (sic).”

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