Farhan Akhtar tossing an enormous tyre in Toofan teaser is perfect workout inspo


Ahead of the trailer launch on Wednesday, Farhan Akhtar made jaws drop over his body transformation for the portrayal of an on-screen boxer as he dropped the teaser for Toofan and while we are mighty impressed with him tossing an enormous tyre overhead in the clip, the exercise is a new fitness fad after months of lazy lockdown. Getting us all fired up with his two-year long training for the sports drama, Farhan inspired us to especially ace one of the exercises which he could be seen doing in the movie – tyre flipping.

The teaser opens to a bare-chested Farhan, squatting and flexing his ripped arm muscles as he flipped a huge tyre on the ground. Flaunting a chiseled torso and the unmissable six-pack abs, Farhan was then seen insanely raising the tyre, flipping it over his head and tossing it in the air to land behind him.

He captioned the teaser, “Yeh #Toofaan rukne wala nahi hai. Trailer arrives at 12 PM tomorrow (sic).” Inspired by Farhan Akhtar’s beast mode in Toofan teaser?

Here’s why you should try tyre flipping for a fun and different total-body workout:

Apart from building strength and endurance and burning major calories, tyre flipping is a full-body stimulator that develops athletic prowess. While the exercise can be nailed in just three steps – squat down, lift the tyre from the bottom and flip it, it is super challenging but at the same time fun, different, highly effective and will leave you feeling empowered.

Tyre flipping targets your whole body from legs and butt to arms and shoulders and tones even those hard to reach areas of the back of the arms and shoulders while toning the whole body. It is a great reliever of stress and tension, builds muscle while getting your cardio work in at the same time and getting your heart rate up, works out the trapezius muscles and the deltoids along with working the posterior muscles like the hamstrings, glutes and back for strength.


While lifting a tyre makes one feel pretty badass, it is important to start out with a lighter tyre that’s suitable for the practitioner’s activity level and strength. Do not bend your hips and use your back as you can risk serious injury instead, bend at the knees, use your full body and engage core to lift and push the tyre.

The tyre can also be used to practice lunges, squats and swings presses. Always do this exercise under the supervision of a trainer.

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