Ever Seen An Old-Fashioned Cake Cutter? This Video May Surprise You


Birthdays are one of the most special days in our lives, and the celebrations are incomplete without cake. Whether it’s a simple sponge cake or a lavish creamy one, a colourful fondant cake or a chocolatey one – there are so many options for birthday cakes today. One common issue that people face is cutting the cake evenly into slices and serving it to people without getting our hands messy. While there are many clever hacks that help you slice a cake quickly and effectively, a recently surfaced video shows a simple tool that can make it all much easier. This old-fashioned cake cutter was featured in a video shared by an influencer, who cut her dad’s birthday cake with it. Take a look:

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The video of the cake-cutter went viral, receiving millions of views across social media platforms. It was shared on Instagram by Anna Kristin, who goes by the username @fit_mentally_first. It has received over 4.5k views and hundreds of comments from users.

“Let’s cut my dad’s birthday cake with the old fashioned cake-cutter we found at the thrift store,” she wrote in the caption of the video. The short clip proceeded to show the tool which was made of steel and shaped like tongs. The space between the tongs was exactly the size of a slice of cake. This unique cake-cutter tool was then used to slice into the cake, and a little bit of pressure was applied to lift out the slice and serve it – all without the need to use hands!

The thrifty and convenient tool was appreciated by social media users. “That was so satisfying,” commented one user while another asked, “Where can I get this?”

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