Eating More Eggs May Help Decrease Egg Allergy In Children – Study


Eggs make one of the most popular ingredients in every kitchen. It is not only fuss-free, but can also help you put together a quick meal in just no time. While eggs are loved by one and all, there are people who are allergic to it. For the unversed, egg allergy is stated to be one of the most common food allergies throughout the world. However, we have found a solution for the ones with egg allergy. A new study states that children should be introduced to eggs at an early age to decrease egg allergy. This study was presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting.

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For this study, the researchers examined children from birth to their six years age. “We found that children who hadn’t had egg introduced by 12 months were more likely to have egg allergy at 6 years,” said Allergy and Immunology Fellow Giulia Martone, MD, ACAAI member and lead author of the study.

The study suggests including eggs in the diet to avoid egg allergy in children

As per a report in ANI, 14 of 2237 surveys (0.6 per cent) reported egg allergy at one year and 11 of 1379 surveys (0.8 per cent) reported egg allergy at 6 years. Children with an egg allergy at 1-year-old and 6 years old had less frequent egg consumption at 5, 6, 7 and 10 months of age.

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The researchers further added, “Current evidence suggests that early introduction of the egg during infancy, followed by consistent and frequent feedings, seems protective against the development of egg allergy. We are still investigating optimal timing of infant egg introduction and frequency of feeding.”

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