Easy Recipes: 6 Easy Veg Recipes You Can Make For Lunch During Lockdown


It has been over a year since most of us have been working out of home. No long commutes, no dress code, no excuses for being late. Working from home has its share of pros, but the list of cons is no less. As amazing as it may sound, we know that this ‘cool concept’ comes with its own set of challenges. Endless calls, virtual meetings, deadlines, presentation leave very little time for us to take a break and grab a quick meal or snack in between, let alone think of making something elaborate. If you are having a tough time looking after your diet, we suggest you opt for easy recipes. If your stomach yearns for something, light, flavourful and energising, try these recipes. We bet these won’t ‘eat away’ any of your crucial time.

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Here Are 6 Easy Recipes You Can Make For Lunch During Lockdown:

1. Paneer Bhurji
You almost saw this coming, didn’t you. Scrambled cottage cheese laced with rustic spices and chillies. Mix it up nice, and serve it hot and fresh with a garnish of coriander leaves. Here’s a recipe for paneer bhurji.

2. Dahi Aloo
A sabzi that is light and appetising, this quick dahi aloo recipe is a sattvik treat you can have just about any time of the day. Potatoes tossed in curd beaten to a sauce-like consistency. Cumin adds much-needed hotness to this mild recipe. Here’s how to make dahi aloo at home.

3. Gobhi 65
There are many legends associated with the ’65’ recipes. Some say it was made for the Army officers, while some say that the number denotes the number of spices used. While we cannot confirm or deny anything, what we can do is adapt the recipe in our own way and savour its magic. This gobhi 65 recipe is quick, crispy, fiery and all things delish. Find the recipe of gobhi 65 here.

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4. Chilli-Garlic Paratha
A paratha that requires no kneading, no toil. This unique style of preparing parathas will bowl you over. All you need to do is make a slurry of flour, salt, chilli flake and garlic. Heat the pan and pour the slurry, cook until it is crisp on both sides. Intrigued much? Here’s the recipe of chilli-garlic paratha.


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5. Lemon-Rice
A quick comfort food that has been our fail-safe on more occasions than one. This south Indian recipe is made with rice that is tossed over with some lemon juice, curry leaves, mustard seeds and whole chillies. Here’s the wholesome recipe of lemon rice.

6. Whole Wheat Pasta In Mushroom Sauce
A guilt-free, creamy pasta recipe, that is also quick and fuss-free. Whole wheat pasta is much healthier in comparison to refined pasta. Guess what there is no use of maida even in the sauce, it is just mushroom and a few veggies we all adore. Here’s the recipe.


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Try these easy recipes at home and let us know how you liked them.

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