Dubai Restaurant Launches ‘World’s First’ Gold Vada Pav; Internet Reacts


Think street foods of Mumbai, vada pav is surely the first name that pops up in mind. Crispy aloo vada, stuffed inside two soft slices of pav along with some fiery chutney and mirchi – the very idea of vada pav is enough to make us slurp. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that vada pav defines street food of India to the world. Taking the popularity a step forward, a restaurant in Dubai recently gave an exotic (read: golden) makeover to this desi delicacy. The restaurant, named O’Pao, launched “world’s first” 22k gold vada pav. Yes, you read that right!

The restaurant took to its official Instagram handle to announce the launch, along with a glimpse of what goes into making this exotic gold vada pav. “We Are Happy To Announce The Launch Of The World’s First 22 Karat O’Gold Vada Pao,” read the announcement post on Instagram handle @opaodxb.

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What Goes Into Making Gold Vada Pav | Gold Vada Pav Recipe:

As per an Instagram Reel on the restaurant’s handle, the vada if filled with truffle butter and cheese and then coated with besan batter and fried. And probably before stuffing it in between the pav, the vada is covered with 22 karat gold edible leaf.

The video further says, that this vada pav is paired with sweet potato fries and mint lemonade and served in a beautifully crafted wooden box. Super fancy, right?

Now, guess what the price of this gold vada pav is? It costs 99 AED (United Aram Emirates Dirham), which is comes to almost Rs. 2000 (1,966.43 INR)

Can’t wait to check out this 22k gold vada pav? Find the video here:

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This exotic food has enthralled several desi foodies who replied to the launch post with applauds and emoticons.

“Save one for me,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “Coming”. A third comment read, “One vada pao please!”

However, people also took to Twitter to give a mixed reaction to this fancy vada pav. While some hailed the idea, others criticised it. Let’s find some of the tweets here:

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Would you want to try this fancy gold vada pav? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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