Doing things for self, heals you: Sayani Gupta on self care, friends amid Covid


Sayani Gupta is a well known face in Bollywood, advertisements and web series, and the actor often takes to social media to post about her routine life be it to share a fashion reel, an outfit she donned for an audition or just musing aloud thoughts that she wishes to share with her fans. The Pagglait actor recently took to her Instagram feed to talk about the importance of self care, taking a little effort and the empowering nature of female friendships.

Sharing a stunning selfie of herself looking shiny and sun kissed, the Article 15 actor shared that she had donned on a pair of Turkish earrings and lipstick, and that her friend, former television personality and chef, Mini Mathur had inspired her to take some effort. Sayani wrote, “Took this (selfie) for my friend Mini Mathur today cause chatting with her today, suddenly made me feel like.. taking some effort.. for myself.. so put on my Turkish earrings and lipstick.. this was right before a meeting. Despite what it might look like on Instagram, I am not someone who takes great care. I don’t have a routine etc. I never comb my hair, forget to put sunscreen on most days. Although sweating at this point, I felt good in this moment. Felt joy.”

She addressed that the scary reality that people are facing with the increasing coronavirus cases and deaths has lead people to feel many emotions. She continued, “We are all feeling a lot of things right now. I am mostly irritated, angry at things. From everything that’s happening around.. for a while. But sometimes, it helps picking myself up and doing something just for me. Taking care of oneself. Even if it means putting some moisturizer.”

Sayani went on to advise her fans that it is important to do things that are just for ‘you’, sharing, “Don’t know why I am writing all this. But may be for all of you, once in a while.. if you do something.. just for you.. whatever it could be… Not to do with looks or physicality.. but just anything.. from dusting to cleaning the fan (I did that last week) to painting. I feel doing things just for yourself sometimes, heals you slightly.”

She went on to express her gratitude towards her friend Mini Mathur, writing, “And then, sometimes you have girlfriends who lift you up, and elevate your mood, no matter where you are sitting.”

In an interview with TOI , she shared that people need to be aware and that many were still going out despite the rising number of coronavirus cases, she said, “There has to be awareness. There was a time when people were wearing masks and maintaining social distance, but now they have let their guards down and we can see the result. We have to fight together to tackle Coid-19. We absolutely have to start wearing masks again.”

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