Doctors Day declared as Immunity Day amid coronavirus pandemic


On the occasion of International Doctors Day 2021, the 18th Foundation Day at 4th Fit India Conclave, MedscapeIndia are paying tribute to Covid Warriors across the globe for their hard work and dedication in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. This day is now being observed as Immunity Day by MedscapeIndia and the doctor’s fraternity to create awareness about immunity and wellbeing.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught people the importance of having overall good health and immunity, and how these are vital to survive such dire situations like the pandemic.

This initiative was started by the Founder Chairperson of MedscapeIndia, Aryan Medical Educational Trust, Dr. Sunita Dube who is a radiologist. She has joined hands with Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister and State Health Minister, Shripad Naik who is the Union Ayush Minister and Minister of State for Defence, and Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Rajesh Tope who have all come together along with doctors to celebrate the Doctor’s Day at the 4th Fit India conclave.

The fit India Movement was initiated 7 years ago by Dr. Dube who wanted every Indian to be healthy and fit, and given the current situation amid the coronavirus pandemic, this programme has gone virtual. The topics that will be discussed during this conclave include:

• Value, Impact and Synergy of different Pathy,

• Immunity and Pandemic,

• Insight of COVID Warriors from different walks of life

MedscapeIndia is focused on bringing the entire healthcare community to one platform and working towards the growth of the health sector growth in order to create an atmosphere for holistic healthcare in the medical community.

Dr. Dube’s ‘WE DOCTORS’ campaign ensured that the healthcare warriors and community are taken care of, and her work has been lauded by the government .

The conclave will see discussions on the present scenario of health care and future scenario of healthcare with our Dr. Naresh Trehan who is one of the most celebrated cardiovascular surgeons in India, Devendra Triguna who is an Ayurveda practitioner, known for his expertise in Pulse diagnosis (Nadi vaidyam in Ayurvedic terms), Dr Mosaraf Ali who is a Pioneer in Integrated Healthcare that blends conventional and traditional medicine, Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale renowned scientist, Dr. Harish shetty , Padma Shri Dr. Mohsin Ali an Indian Cardiologist, Padmashri Dr Anil Kohli and many more dignitaries, celebrity and experience people from different walks of life.

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