Do what makes your heart smile: Priya Banerjee


Nothing can replace hard work and persistence, for Priya Banerjee. The actor admits nothing is easy when you first start off, but if you are determined, it gets better and you can soon master it.

“Even if reaching your destination takes time, you will slowly get there if you put your heart and soul into it,” says Banerjee, best known for web shows such as Bhanwar and Bekaboo. She adds, “I never had to learn anything the hard way as such, but I believe with hard work, you can excel.”

The actor has featured in projects down South as well as Hindi ones, including Jazbaa (2015) and Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna (2019). Looking back at her journey, she says she is happy with the way things have been. “Till now, whatever I’ve done has got me where I am today and I’m quite happy with that. Of course, there’s a lot more to do and I’m working towards that. I’m definitely not content yet, but I don’t regret anything either,” she shares.

As far as fitness is concerned, the actor believes in eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, to keep the skin hydrated. “What you eat reflects on your skin,” Banerjee asserts.

For glowing skin, she also swears by homemade packs: “My go-to pack is mixing turmeric, curd, honey and lemon juice. I always prefer homemade remedies for my face rather than chemicals.”

One look at her social media feed and you know she’s quite active and loves to stay in touch with her fans. In an industry where actors rule millions of hearts and are watched, mimicked, judged, hated and worshipped, too, how does she manage to keep stress at bay? “I find running therapeutic,” she shares, adding, “I always try to go out for an hour of running at least five to six times a week. That’s my favourite form of workout and a stress buster. I’m not big on weight training, but I try to squeeze it into my regime. ”

Banerjee’s mantra in life is simple: “Do whatever makes your heart smile. Follow your passion and work hard for it. Nothing comes easy.”

Summing up her success in a sentence, she says, “Anything you do out of love and passion is always delicious.”

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