Diet Hacks: Nutrition Coach Reveals How To Eat Healthy At Indian Restaurant


If you have been following a diet, we are sure that you must have said goodbye to many of your favourite foods. Whether it is the spicy and rich gravies or the delectable desserts, it can be challenging to control your cravings and maintain weight. We can’t always stop ourselves from indulging in delights, especially when sitting in a restaurant and looking at the delicious menu. The thought of our increasing weight and staying healthy pops in mind, and we try to look for some low-calorie food options. But what if we told you that you could indulge in that yummy restaurant food without feeling guilty? Sounds impossible, right?

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When it comes to eating our favourite food, the key is always to find the right alternatives. And once you know what to order, managing your diet may get fairly easy. So, if you are also looking for things that you can order on a menu, then we have the perfect guide for you.

A feast of Indian meal

Recently nutrition and fitness coach @dee_gautham shared a reel on how to eat healthy at Indian restaurants. In the reel, the nutrition coach first says to opt for grilled tandoori chicken or paneer tikka as these options are much lighter than the heavy and creamy gravies. Secondly, she says that it’s good to choose chana masala as it is loaded with fibre and nutrients and is less heavy in comparison with a creamy dal makhani.

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When ordering bread, make sure that you don’t get any butter or ghee on top of it. Lastly, she says that if you are eating at a buffet or a wedding, then it’s best not to load your plate with desserts. Instead, have only one dessert and enjoy that. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was posted, it has garnered more than 78 thousand views and more than three thousand likes. Looking at the hacks, many people have also commented on the video. One Instagram user wrote, “Yesss love going with tandoori and grilled meats as well. Such great hacks!” While another Instagram user wrote, “I hadn’t thought about asking for naan or roti without butter! Also now I want all the dishes in this reel right now.”

So, if you are also impressed with these hacks, then try them next time you go out for an Indian meal want to indulge in something lip-smacking. Let us know what you think about these hacks in the comments below.

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