Did You Know? Viral Hack Lets You Quickly Reseal Frozen Snack Packets


The internet is a source of not just entertaining videos, but also some incredibly useful hacks. There are so many kitchen hacks we find circulating on social media. From speeding up cooking preparation to making it fuss-free, there are plenty of hacks online for multiple purposes. One popular category of cooking hacks is resealing open plastic packets. Recently, we had seen a simple hack that allows you to reseal a packet of chips without any additional clips or hooks. And now, another incredible viral hack lets you easily reseal packets of frozen snacks.

Wondering how it works? Take a look at the full viral video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram by @thefoldinglady, who is a blogger known for her quick and easy folding techniques. The incredible hack she shared has amassed over 461k views and nearly 20k likes.

In the Instagram video of the viral hack, we can see a packet of frozen French fries being opened with the help of scissors. Rather than being cut open from the side as is usually done, the packet was cut from the centre. A V-shaped cut was made into the packet right at the centre. Once the fries were emptied into a pan, the remaining frozen fries were resealed with the help of a simple knot made by tying the two ends of the packet.

How simple and convenient, right? We bet this hack will become your go-to next time you are cooking some fried snacks. What did you think about this viral hack to reseal a packet of frozen snacks? Tell us in the comments below.

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