Did You Know? This Easy Trick Makes Leftover Rice As Good As New!


Leftover rice can be reheated in a microwave with this easy trick.


  • Rice is one ubiquitous grain found in the Indian cuisine
  • Here’s how you can reheat leftover rice in a microwave
  • Try this simple trick for fresh-tasting rice in minutes

One of the best things about the Indian kitchens is the simple and efficient usage of leftovers and excess food. Leftover food can be utilised in many different ways in Indian cuisine. Whether it is rehashed into an entirely new dish or revamped with some interesting and unique techniques – leftover rice can too be used in a number of ways. Reheating leftover rice the next day is something that many of us often try. Somehow, the rice always comes out lumpy and soggy with less-than-ideal results. So, is it possible to reheat leftover rice to give a fresh and authentic taste? This easy trick is a super quick way to reheat leftover rice and make it as good as new.

Use this simple trick to reheat your leftover rice. 

Experts usually suggest reheating rice in a microwave with water, using one tablespoon for each cup of rice and reheating till all of it is absorbed. For reheating on a gas stove, the technique is to use water, oil or butter to revamp and cook the rice again till it is dry. However, the trick we have for you is completely different and so much easier!


The hack was originally shared on TikTok, and soon found its way to multiple other social media channels. The trick is quite simple – all you need is a microwave and an ice cube. Take the leftover rice in a microwave-safe bowl or plate, and right before you pop it in, add an ice cube on top. This ice cube will then help evenly steam the rice, making it taste fresh and absolutely delicious!

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Try this hack next time you have a leftover batch of rice at home. Tell us in the comments how your results came out!

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